Logo with piano keys at top where the black notes also look like pencils. Below this is a green rectangle, an orange rectangle that is at a diagonal and a teal rectangle and in these rectangles are the words Music and Art Homeschool Summit.

How to Integrate Music and Art into Your Day to Day Homeschool Life
April 19-21, 2023

Hey homeschool moms!

Are you looking at electives for next year’s homeschool?

Are you considering adding music and art to your homeschool

but not sure where to start or which curriculum to choose?

Do you want some guidance and practical tips from music and art experts and seasoned homeschool moms for integrating fine arts into your homeschool?

Get the tools you need to confidently lead your children
in learning about music and art
at the Music and Art Homeschool Summit.

Join experienced music and art teachers for workshops for parents
and demo classes for kids!