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Music Membership Comparison: Music in Our Homeschool Plus and Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership

Don’t you just love the idea of a buffet? There are so many choices of foods, and you can have any and all of them. You are only limited by what you can actually eat in one sitting.

Buffet-style Music Membership

When it comes to music and art memberships, many of them are like a buffet. There are many choices of courses within the membership, which can be especially helpful if you are looking for different levels or kinds of classes for your multiple kids.

Image of purple and red musical notes as a background with the words MIOH+ Music in Our Homeschool Plus Music & Fine Arts Membership for PreK thru High School

Music in Our Homeschool Plus music membership

Music in Our Homeschool Plus is a buffet-style membership for music classes to serve the whole age-range of a family – from preschool to high school.

It includes access to 17 elementary courses, 6 multi-level singing courses, and 7 high school courses so you’ll be able to pick and choose exactly what you want to teach.

While many of these courses are available for individual purchase, some courses are only available within the membership, like Beginning Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory, live monthly classes, and special fine arts classes geared for high schoolers, not younger ages though, by experts in other fine arts areas (dance and art).

Classes include both music appreciation and performance classes in the areas of singing lessons and recorder lessons.

Image of woman with long blond hair in pink shirt, black vest and scarf pointing to a note on a treble clef staff that is taped to a whiteboard as she teaches a class in her music membership.

You can pick and choose what to study at your own pace or Music in Our Homeschool Plus also includes other bonuses to help guide you in your study through the monthly calendar and weekly email.

Music in Our Homeschool Plus only opens the doors to the membership 2 to 3 times a year (usually January, May and August), so you have to get on the waitlist or be on the lookout for the emails about it.

For a reasonable price of $27/month, Music in Our Homeschool Plus is a wonderful buffet- style membership.

What’s included in Music in Our Homeschool Plus Music Membership

Preschool Courses:

  • 10 Songs All Preschoolers Should Know

Elementary Courses:

  • Beginning Music Theory Lessons – only found in the membership
  • 15 – Minute Music Lessons
  • Music for Holidays and Special Days
  • State Songs of the 50 U.S. States for Elementary
  • American Music
  • World Music
  • Learn Classical Music with Cartoons
  • Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry

High School (upper level) Courses:

  • Advanced Music Theory Course – only found in the membership
  • Music Appreciation: Middle Ages Thru Classical Era
  • Music Appreciation of the Romantic Era
  • 20th Century Music Appreciation
  • 10 Weeks of Shakespeare

Other Features:

  • Monthly Calendar of Elementary Music Activities, Games, and Lessons
  • Weekly Email
  • Live Music Workshop each month
  • Bonus video lessons from other fine arts educators
  • Music Printable Pack Library
  • Community group

Specialty Menu Music Membership

Yes, I love the idea of a buffet. It sounds really attractive until I go through the line and start to feel overwhelmed because there are so many choices.

Buffets are terrific for growing kids, especially teens, who are ravenous for food (and hopefully knowledge.)

But maybe you want fewer choices so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You want to savor one dish a little longer, so you’d prefer a sit-down restaurant with a specialty menu.

Image of a logo with a light blue circle in the background, a treble clef with a paint brush as the end and the words "Jus' Classical Fine Arts Membership." Circling the blue circle are the words, "Where music and art come alive."

Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership: Music and Art Membership

Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership is the specialty menu of memberships. It features both music and art courses and walks you through five main music and art courses in bite-sized pieces.

While whole families can participate in the courses, they are geared towards elementary and middle school students.

Through the courses, Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership will walk you through four different aspects of learning about music and art so that you have the knowledge and confidence you need to teach your children in music and art studies.

It will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with knowing where to start when teaching music and art to your children and instead show you how to cover four aspects of music and art education:

  1. Music appreciation
  2. Music fundamentals and performance
  3. Art appreciation
  4. Art participation

Each month, members gain access to new lessons in each of these four aspects of music and art education rather than to the whole buffet of courses at once.

Students receive guidance in the form of the theme of the month, regular emails, checklists, calendars, bingo cards, or other fun ways to motivate them in completing the lessons plus one live lesson in music or art each month.

What makes Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership unique also is the presentation of the material. To make music and art (and history) come alive, Jus’ Classical founder Justina dresses up as the composers and artists with a special guide for each music and art – George Frideric Handel (the Baroque Era German composer) leads students through music lessons while Rembrandt (the Dutch Master from the 1600s) leads students in art lessons.

The membership covers the fundamentals of what you need for music and art study as well as enhances other areas of education as your children also are exposed to math concepts, history, geography, culture, worldview, and beauty.

Students will learn:

  • what an orchestra is
  • what the instruments of the orchestra are
  • the eras of orchestral music
  • the biographies of famous composers
  • some of the famous music of each composer with a curated playlist and Teacher Notes (with a Student Activity Pack for each unit too!)
  • music fundamentals like note values, note names, dynamics
  • aural training of rhythm and tonal patterns
  • reading of rhythm and tonal patterns
  • singing instruction
  • tin whistle instruction
  • the biographies of famous artists
  • some of the famous art works of each artist with a curated portfolio and Teacher Notes (with a Student Activity Pack for each unit too!)
  • basic drawing
  • mirror images
  • perspective in drawing
  • and more!

What’s included in Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership:  

This includes guided access* to 5 online courses, which contain videos, worksheets, notebooking pages, and lesson plans.

3 Music Courses:

  • The Composer Detective 
  • Making Music with Handel
  • America the Beautiful

2 Art Courses:

  • Drawing with Rembrandt 
  • The Artist Detective 

Other Features:

  • Live classes once a month – music or art class
  • Checklists for going through the courses
  • Games and rewards for finishing units 
  • Weekly emails
  • Community group
  • Original video biographies
  • Curated video playlists
  • Curated art portfolios
  • Worksheets
  • Notebooking pages
  • Lesson plans

*Guided access means for as long as you remain in the membership, you have access to the material for the month it is released plus one more month. New material will be available on the 1st of each month. So any given month, you have access to two month’s worth of lessons.

Image on light turquoise background of four computer screens with different logos or videos showing and arrows pointing with words: Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, Music Fundamentals: Aural Patterns, and Drawing: Mirror Images

These lessons include:

1. Videos
2. Playlist of curated performances (videos) of listening pieces composed by George Frideric Handel so students become familiar with his music.
3. Porfolio of curated art works – of Lorenzo Ghiberti so children see the style of the artist.
4. Teacher Notes, so that you don’t have to prepare lessons in advance and know what to do each day.
5. Student Activity Pack of worksheets, activity sheets, and quizzes, so that you interact with the terms and facts about the composer and artist and make learning fun and easy.

For a low price of $19/month, Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership may be just the specialty membership you are looking for.

Which music membership is best for you?

If you love the idea of a buffet and want access to multiple music classes for your multi-aged kiddos plus some fine arts classes for older kids, or you want a specific, deeper music theory class for your high school student, then I highly recommend the Music in Our Homeschool Plus music membership.

On the other hand, if you are easily overwhelmed by too many choices and want both music and art at an elementary or middle school level, I invite you to join me in Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership.

Or do you want a music curriculum without the membership? Check out The Composer Detective!

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