Music and Art for Your Homeschool!

Teaching your child music and art has never been easier! Choose your course from Jus’ Classical today to help your child learn music and art in a fun and engaging way!

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A place to find all the resources for teaching your child Music & Art

At Jus’ Classical, we know that you want your child to be well-rounded and that you want to feel confident and effective as a teacher of your child in all areas.

In order to do this, you need quality and easy curriculum which will help you to teach music, art and memory work.

The problem is you doubt your ability to teach music and art which makes you feel intimidated. We believe it’s just plain wrong to think you don’t have what it takes to give your children a fine arts education! We understand that it can be daunting to teach music and art yourself which is why we come alongside you with videos, songs, and courses.

Here’s how we can help you:

And in the meantime, download the Quick Start Guide for Teaching About the Orchestra for a jump start on teaching classical music to your children! Get it here!

Image of spiral bound book with turquoise cover with picture of bassoonist and other instrumentalists of the orchestra from a painting by Edgar Degas and words in white Quick Start Guide to Teaching About the Orchestra.

Now you can stop feeling overwhelmed and worried about giving your child a music and art education with our videos and courses, which will give you confidence that you are giving your child a balanced and stimulating education!

Are you ready to get started with The Composer Detective? Check out our comprehensive, easy-to-use, all-in-one online course, designed to help you lead your children in investigating orchestra instruments, music and composers, so that you exude the confidence of an opera star, and they fall in love with listening to music, a benefit for a lifetime.

The Composer Detective was created with you in mind as a homeschool mom to help you achieve confidence in leading an orchestra and composers unit, because music is beneficial in all areas of education!

Image of mockup of course on a blue background. In the center is an image of a computer and on the screen is a man in a long white wig from the Baroque era wearing a turquoise jacket, a disguise of glasses, a big nose and moustache, and holding up a blue magnifying glass to his eye. Next to him is a purple swash of color with the words The Composer Detective in white. On either side of the screen are images of worksheets and below these are spiral bound book and tablet screens with images of famous composers on them.