Seven Reasons To Include Memory Work in Your Kids’ Education

We live in a world where we have information at our fingertips. We can “Google” anything, right? But, in reality, despite all the technology and resources to just “look everything up”, we still need to memorize many things. While rote memorization gets a bad name, the fact is, that in order to learn and develop … Read more

How to Teach Something Using a Song

How to Teach Something Using a Song - two children singing

Memorization of facts is easiest to a song or rhythm because music provides structure for the brain with its predictable patterns of rhythms and placement of words. If you want to use this powerful mnemonic device to assist your children with their memory work, here are some tips on how to teach something for memory … Read more

How to Memorize Something Using a Song

How to memorize something using a song

Do you need help with how to memorize something? Memorizing to a song or rhythm is effective and engaging because music has structure of melody and rhythm to make it a powerful mnemonic device. Tips on How to Memorize Something Aurally Using a Song Let’s use “America the Beautiful” as an example. 1. Listen to … Read more

The Best Way to Memorize Something is to a Song

How to Memorize Something

Do you remember learning your ABCs? It was with a song! While some may view memorization as a painful chore, it can be fun and easy if you memorize everything to a song! In fact, the best way to memorize something is to a song. Here are five reasons to memorizing everything to a song … Read more

Memorization: Why It Is Important and How It Is Mentally Liberating

Man studying pictures on wall because Memorization is important.

Memorization gets a bad name these days in educational circles (especially those related to the government schools.)  Certainly, rote memorization may not make sense if we think that the information will not be used later on, but what is the brain for? To think! In order to think, one must memorize, review, and build on … Read more