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Justina of Jus' Classical

Hi, I’m Jus! My parents gave me a beautiful name, Justina, and they also gave me the nickname, Jus (pronounced with a long u like juice). I’ll mostly go by Jus here, for this is Jus’ Classical. 

What makes me classical?

First and foremost, I am a classical Christian. I am a lover of Jesus Christ, and I view the world through a Reformed theological Christ-centered perspective. I am a sinner who is saved by grace, so I struggle to reconcile living for Christ with giving in to my flesh. I desire to encourage others in pursuing Christ.

I am a classical musician. My degree is in music therapy, so I have worked in music therapy and as an early childhood music teacher over the years as well as performing as an oboist and singer.

I am a classical educator. As a home educator of my own children, I subscribe to the classical model of education and have participated in a Classical Conversations community for 7 years, always as a tutor or director. I keep a pulse on what is happening in public education too, since my husband has retired from teaching in the public schools and continues to substitute teach there.

I am a classical parent. My husband and I are older parents and parent according to classic methods and low technology. I enjoy keeping young with our children, who are 13, 11, and 9.

Oh, being classical isn’t boring! I also enjoy 70s and 80s rock, history, exploring the United States on road trips, photographing God’s amazingly beautiful creation, being silly, drinking margaritas, and eating chocolate.

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