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Get started with leading your children in learning about the orchestra and great composers with our Quick Start Guide to Teaching About the Orchestra and The Composer Detective.

Image of spiral bound book with turquoise cover with picture of bassoonist and other instrumentalists of the orchestra from a painting by Edgar Degas and words in white Quick Start Guide to Teaching About the Orchestra.
Image of man in long white wig wearing a turquoise jacket holding up a blue magnifying glass next to a purple paint swish with words in white The Composer Detective.
image of a man in a long white wig with a turquoise jacket (George Frideric Handel) with an open mouth in the act of singing. In front of Handel is a dark purple rectangle at an angle with the words Making Music with Handel. Behind Handel are black swirling music notes and a staff.

Get started in learning about music fundamentals and how to play the tin whistle in Making Music with Handel.

Get started with teaching your children drawing (or letting Rembrandt, the 17th century Dutch Master teach your children) in Drawing with Rembrandt.

Image of person dressed like Rembrandt with orange beret-type hat, tan jacket, orange shirt and spreading fingers with pencil in one hand. In front of Rembrandt is an orange rectangle at an angle with the words Drawing with Rembrandt. Orange and yellow shapes and squiggly lines and pencils surround this image.
Image of a man in an orange beret wearing a disguise of glasses, a big nose and moustache next to a green paint swish with the words over it saying, "The Artist Detective." There is an artist's palette next to the words and a magnifying glass over the D in Detective.

Get started in learning about Great Artists of the Baroque Era, Rococo Era and Impressionist Movement in The Artist Detective Volume 2.

Or check out other great Jus’ Classical resources in the Jus’ Classical Shop.