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A musician, educator and Christian homeschooling mom of three, Justina has spoken at MOPS groups, homeschool summits and conferences about music, art, classical education, home and time management, Christian encouragement, and keeping an eternal perspective.

Justina desires to encourage other homeschool moms in their Christian walks as well as help them add music and art to their homeschools easily.

Founder and CEO of Jus’ Classical

With a background in music therapy, Justina founded Music Works, an early childhood music studio two decades ago. In 2017, she founded Jus’ Classical to help homeschooling families add music and art to their homeschools with easy-to-use and fun online courses. She also runs the Jus’ Classical Fine Arts Membership.

As a course creator, Justina adds a special twist to bringing music and art history to life by dressing up as the historical composers and artists in biographical videos.

Justina also writes memory songs to help students memorize important facts, like multiplication tables and the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which she has used to help her own children learn these facts.

Topics Justina Can Speak About

How to Use Music to Enhance Other Subjects
The Importance of Including and Fine Arts in Your Homeschool
Boosting the Brain with Music and Art Education
Thriving in Your Homeschool
Is Memorization Dead?
The Power and Purpose of a Classical Christian Education
10 Reasons to Study Music Appreciation
10 Reasons to Study Art Appreciation
How Music is the Perfect Avenue for Developing Leadership Skills
Personal Routines for the Win
Focusing Your Mindset with an Eternal Perspective
How to Choose the Right Music Program for Your Music Lessons
12 Ways Drawing Grows the Brain and Helps Students Academically

Previous Speaking Engagements

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