Seven Reasons To Include Memory Work in Your Kids’ Education

We live in a world where we have information at our fingertips. We can “Google” anything, right? But, in reality, despite all the technology and resources to just “look everything up”, we still need to memorize many things. While rote memorization gets a bad name, the fact is, that in order to learn and develop … Read more

Teaching Children How to Listen

Image of young girl with long brown hair and a red sweater leaning in as if listening with title above Teaching Children How to Listen.

Listening is essential! In our highly visual world where both adults and children spend hours focusing our eyes on televisions, computers, video games, and electronic devices, we distinctly overlook how important it is to listen.  Listening is the cornerstone of development. A baby first orders its world through sound, since one is unable to see … Read more

Grandma Moses Biography for Kids

Image of a painting of a snowy day in olden times with houses on a hill, a skier coming down the hill, sledders running across the road down the hill, and horses pulling a plow. Above the picture is a pink triangle with a black and white image of on old woman, Grandma Moses and the words, "Grandma Moses Biography for Kids."

Good morning, children. I am Anna Mary Robertson Moses, but that is kind of a mouthful, don’t you think? So you can call me Grandma Moses. That’s what everybody calls me now, as I am almost 100 years old! I was born in 1860 in New York and I had so many adventures with my … Read more

10 Reasons to Study the Orchestra, Composers and Music Appreciation

Image of violins of different shades hanging in a row with words 10 Reasons to Study Music Appreciation

Music appreciation means that everyone appreciates music in some form. But many parents are hesitant to have their children study formal music appreciation – that is, the orchestra, composers and classical music – because they think their child is not interested in this kind of music. Certainly, classical music offers more depth than your regular … Read more

How to Teach Something Using a Song

How to Teach Something Using a Song - two children singing

Memorization of facts is easiest to a song or rhythm because music provides structure for the brain with its predictable patterns of rhythms and placement of words. If you want to use this powerful mnemonic device to assist your children with their memory work, here are some tips on how to teach something for memory … Read more

How to Memorize Something Using a Song

How to memorize something using a song

Do you need help with how to memorize something? Memorizing to a song or rhythm is effective and engaging because music has structure of melody and rhythm to make it a powerful mnemonic device. Tips on How to Memorize Something Aurally Using a Song Let’s use “America the Beautiful” as an example. 1. Listen to … Read more

10 Reasons to Study Art and the Great Artists

10 Reasons to Study Art and the Great Artists

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So goes an old saying, for each person on this earth has his or her own interpretation of what is beautiful, what is good art, and what one likes. What you consider to be meaningful art, I may not, but as educators of our children, it is … Read more

Vincent van Gogh Biography for Kids

The Starry Night in Vincent van Gogh Biography for Kids

Vincent van Gogh Biography for Kids Hello, my name is Vincent van Gogh. I am a Post-Impressionist painter, and I’d like to tell you my story. This is the Vincent van Gogh biography for kids. I was born in Groot Zundert, Netherlands in 1853. My father was a pastor of a Dutch Reformed Church, so … Read more

Berthe Morisot Biography for Kids

Berthe Morisot Biography for Kids

Berthe Morisot Biography for Kids Bonjour! I am Berthe Morisot, and I am a woman painter! This is the Berthe Morisot biography for kids! I was born in and always lived in France. When I was 16, my mother paid for me to take art lessons… but I was barred from the famous art school … Read more

Claude Monet Biography for Kids

Water Lilies, the Clouds by Claude Monet

Claude Monet Biography for Kids Bon jour! I am Claude Monet. This is the Claude Monet biography for kids. I am from the late 1800s and early 1900s in France. There has been an interesting movement in art going on in France called the Impressionist Movement, and I am one of the main artists of … Read more