Investigating the Orchestra Unit Study


Investigating the Orchestra is an unit study to learn about the instruments and history of the orchestra. Investigate the four families of instruments and the four orchestral eras.



Investigating the Orchestra (from The Composer Detective) is an easy-to-use, all-in-one online unit study, designed to help you lead your children in investigating orchestra instruments and eras, music and composers, so that you exude the confidence of an opera star, and they fall in love with listening to music, a benefit for a lifetime.

The Composer Detective was created with you in mind as a homeschool mom to help you achieve confidence in leading an orchestra and composers unit, because music is beneficial in all areas of education!

Investigating the Orchestra


1.     VideosInvestigate the Instruments of the Orchestra, The Orchestra Song and Investigate the Eras of the Orchestra videos

2.     Playlist of curated performances (videos) of instrument families and listening pieces composed just for children that help children hear and see the instruments in action.

3.      Teacher Notes, so that you don’t have to prepare lessons in advance and know what to do each day.

4.      Student Activity Pack of worksheets, activity sheets, and quizzes, so that you interact with the terms and facts about the instruments and make learning fun and easy.


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