14 Reasons To Homeschool

With COVID-19, we’ve all gotten a little taste of homeschooling. You may have been given distance learning options and a curriculum to follow, but maybe you had to come up with curriculum on your own. Either way, it has probably been frustrating since you were suddenly pushed into it. But many of us come to homeschooling with time to think about it, and there are good reasons to homeschool our children. Maybe you too should consider homeschooling full time, even when the crisis is past. It’s not so bad if you have time to mentally prepare, research curriculum, and make a plan for a schedule!

Reasons to Homeschool | Benefits of Homeschooling

14 Reasons to Homeschool

Here are fourteen reasons to homeschool: (These are our reasons to homeschool which may help you think through why you might want to homeschool!)

1. We believe God has called us to teach our own children, to raise them up in the way they should go.

It is our privilege and responsibility. It is our role as parents to teach and raise our children, not the government’s role. We are accountable to God.

2. We desire to teach our children from a Christ-centered, biblical worldview and have the opportunity to integrate faith and academics.

By homeschooling, we can give them a foundation of the truth.

3. We want the best hours of the day with our children.

We desire time to experience life together and to be the ones who enjoy the excitement with our children as they learn to read, conquer a math concept, and make discoveries of God’s world.

Reasons to homeschool, spending time with our children

4. Instead of other adults or children being the primary influence in our children’s lives, we wish to have that influence, to develop our relationships with them and to disciple them in the Lord.

5. We want to give our children a childhood and what is best for them, which includes safety, one-on-one attention, a season of innocence in an over-sexualized world, and freedom from bullying and negative peer pressure.

6. We enjoy the flexibility homeschooling provides, that we can meet the needs and interests of our children and that they can go at their own pace.

One child might run ahead of where other children his age are and continue to be challenged appropriately. Another might be behind other children his age, but he doesn’t know and become discouraged as he might if comparing himself to others in a classroom situation.

Reasons to homeschool

7. If we need to move (like many military families do frequently) or desire to travel around the country for an extended trip, homeschooling provides us with the opportunity do so without disrupting our children’s education.

Our children will have the stability of being at home with their family for their learning and continuity of curriculum.

8. We also like to have control of our children’s education – control of our schedule and family time, choosing quality curriculum, taking advantage of character training, providing appropriate social situations, etc.

9. We aspire for our children to reach their full potential through active learning and opportunities to be creative, not passive “learning” at a computer all day or “group” work where one student does all the work.

10. We want our children to learn how to think, not what to think. Learning how to think is real critical thinking.

Reasons to homeschool, joy in learning

11. We desire for our children to find joy in learning.

We can model a love of learning to our children instead of surrounding them with same-age peers who may not want to be learning or in school. We don’t want our children to pick up the bad attitudes of those who may not love learning.

12. We wish to focus on who our children will be, not on what they will be or what job they can fill.

13. We hope for our children to learn real social interaction with other people of all ages, not just a group of children their own age.

We want them to be able to make eye contact and have meaningful conversations, even with adults. We want them only to be able to interact in live situations, not just via texting and social media.

14. As parents, we long to redeem our own education, since we grew up in the government schools and have seen the deficiencies of our own education.

Even though we attended public school and “turned out okay”, schools are different from even 10-20 years ago with the progressive agenda and continual dumbing down. We know public education as educators ourselves, and we can give them a better education at home.

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Benefits of Homeschooling | Reasons to Homeschool

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