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How to Make a Resurrection Garden for Easter

Resurrection garden complete

If you are looking for Christ-centered activities for Easter to do with your children, you will love learning how to make a Resurrection garden for Easter. A Resurrection garden is a life-filled visual lesson of the empty tomb. If you plant it several weeks before Easter, it can be a decorative conversation piece for Easter day, or plant it while telling the Easter story during Easter week. As parents who want to be intentional in teaching Christ at every holiday, we love planting a Resurrection garden!


Resurrection garden supplies 1
Resurrection garden supplies 2
  • small clay pot
  • large round clay dish (or a large clay pot already mostly filled with potting soil)
  • potting soil
  • grass seed
  • small river rocks
  • a large stone – for the tomb
  • sticks from the garden to make 3 crosses
  • string to tie the crosses together
  • spray bottle (not pictured) – to spray dirt as packing it down and to water the grass daily


Resurrection garden - clay pot on side 1
Resurrection garden - clay pot on side 2

1. Place the small clay pot on its side in the large round clay dish (or large clay pot already mostly filled with potting soil).

Resurrection garden - add dirt on sides and top

2. Add dirt around and on top of the small clay pot.  

Resurrection garden - spray dirt with water bottle
Resurrection garden - with dirt

3. Spray the dirt with the water bottle as you add it so it molds around the small clay pot better or the dirt will stay loose and slide off the top and sides. The small clay pot on its side is the tomb and the dirt around it will be where the resurrection garden grows.  

Resurrection garden - add rocks 1
Resurrection garden - add rocks 2

4. Add the large stone and small river rocks in front of the tomb opening (small clay pot).

Resurrection garden - add grass seed
Resurrection garden - add grass seed 2

5. Sprinkle the grass seed on top of the dirt and spray with the water bottle.

6. Sprinkle a little more dirt on top and spray with the water bottle.

Resurrection garden - cross supplies
Resurrection garden - make 3 crosses

7. Tie a long twig and a short twig together to form a cross. Make three crosses. Place the crosses on top of or behind the clay pot “tomb” (depending on the depth of soil).

Resurrection garden with 3 crosses
Resurrection garden - in sunny spot with 1 cross

8. Place the resurrection garden in a sunny location and water it daily using a spray bottle.   Do not use a watering can or you will have a mess on your hands! After about a week you will start to see grass shooting up through the dirt.  Rotate the planter so all the grass doesn’t lean or grow towards the sun.

Read Luke 24:1-12 for the lesson here.

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