Best Christmas Books for Kids

Image of stack of books with the top book open to pictures of a shepherd and a nativity scene with title Best Christmas Books for Kids

**Enter to win $500 in PayPal cash in the Christmas Cash Spectacular! See the details later in this post! Christmas is coming, and as intentional parents seeking to point our children to Jesus in every holiday, one way of enjoying the holiday, teaching its meaning, and creating memories is through reading the many wonderful Christmas … Read more

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Picture of 3 children wearing turkey headbands and holding Thanksgiving crafts

As we seek to redeem every holiday with our children by pointing them to God and all He has done for us, Thanksgiving is a terrific holiday for making crafts which teach gratitude, while some are just fun for fall! Here are some of our favorite easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids! Fun Crafts for Thanksgiving … Read more

Best Thanksgiving Books for Kids

picture of books and Pilgrim girl with title Favorite Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving is an especially valuable holiday to pause and remember our history and to thank God for all He has done for us. As we seek to redeem every holiday with our children by pointing them to God, one way of enjoying the holiday and teaching its meaning is through the many wonderful Thanksgiving books … Read more

15 World-Changing Results of the Protestant Reformation

Painting of Martin Luther nailing 95 Theses on church door at start of Protestant Reformation.

One of the most important events of history occurred on October 31, 1517 when a priest named Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses (complaints) against the Catholic Church to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This was the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s audacious act of questioning the Catholic Church opened the way for others … Read more

First Day of School Supply Treasure Hunt

colored pencils in a circle enticing viewer to try a first day of school supply treasure hunt

Starting up the school year should be an exciting time! As homeschool moms, we can set the tone of having a good attitude and a delight in learning so our children also fall in love with learning. When my children were little and just starting kindergarten and pre-school, I wanted them to have a pleasurable … Read more

You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Homeschool Mom

Image of homeschool mom who is thinking with words of subjects surrounding her.

Hints for Homeschool Moms There is a popular series of history and science books with titles that begin with You Wouldn’t Want to… Here is a homeschool mom version of You Wouldn’t Want to… Please note that this is a satire from a Christian perspective. If you don’t like satire or don’t maintain a Christian … Read more

How to Teach Something Using a Song

How to Teach Something Using a Song - two children singing

Memorization of facts is easiest to a song or rhythm because music provides structure for the brain with its predictable patterns of rhythms and placement of words. If you want to use this powerful mnemonic device to assist your children with their memory work, here are some tips on how to teach something for memory … Read more

How to Memorize Something Using a Song

How to memorize something using a song

Do you need help with how to memorize something? Memorizing to a song or rhythm is effective and engaging because music has structure of melody and rhythm to make it a powerful mnemonic device. Tips on How to Memorize Something Aurally Using a Song Let’s use “America the Beautiful” as an example. 1. Listen to … Read more